Martela Corporation to outsource logistics operations

Martela Corporation to outsource logistics operations

Martela Corp. and Barona Logistics Solutions Ltd (Barona Logistics) have signed an agreement to outsource the inhouse logistics and a part of the dispatch operation of Martela’s Nummela production plant to Barona Logistics. Subject to transaction 19 Martela’s employees will be transferred to Barona Logistics as existing employees as of September 1, 2019. The transaction is part of a previously announced cost efficiency program to align the cost base structure more flexible.

“We looked for a partner with whom we can develop our operations and meet the efficiency and flexibility requirements resulting from the volume fluctuations. Barona Logistics was selected as a partner due its solid logistics experience and service quality. With this partnership, we are able to develop our operations better in the long term and respond to changing customer needs in a competitive way,” says Matti Rantaniemi, CEO of Martela.

“Providing logistics services and development of personnel processes are part of Barona Logistics’ core business. We are very pleased being able to expand our cooperation with Martela. Together we will be able to develop operations and provide even more efficient and high-quality logistics service for Martela,” says Janne Bergqvist, Human Resources Director of Barona Logistics.

Matti Rantaniemi

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Matti Rantaniemi, CEO, tel. +358 50 465 8194
Ville Taipale, VP, Customer Supply Management, tel. +358 50 557 2611


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