Armstrong & Associates releases report on trends in 3PL/shipper relationships.


Armstrong & Associates has announced the release of its latest report, “Increasingly Strategic: Trends in 3PL/Customer Relationships.”

This news comes in advance of our annual magazine feature in June on “Top 50 Global & Domestic 3PLs.” 

Evan Armstrong, president of the consultancy, recently told LM that with the current volatile and uncertain business environment, an increasing number of logistics providers are being forced to take dramatic action to generate positive impact rapidly.

“Increasingly Strategic: Trends in 3PL/Customer Relationships,” is an expanded update of Armstrong & Associates’ best-selling report. From its analysis of over 7,700 current 3PL customer relationships in 44 countries, totaling nearly 21,000 services, the report identifies and details key trends in outsourced third-party logistics provider customer relationships. Armstrong & Associates has been tracking and analyzing 3PL/Customer relationships for over a decade with ever-increasing detail. 

Market sizing for both Global and Domestic Fortune customer 3PL revenues is included in the report. Global Fortune 500 customer 3PL revenues reached $371.3 billion in 2019, led by the Technological and Automotive industries, accounting for $102.3 billion and $79.6 billion, respectively. Fortune 1,000 3PL revenues of $166.8 billion comprise nearly 80% of the total domestic U.S. 3PL market. 3PL revenue growth trends for nine major customer industry subsegments are provided. In 2019, the 3PL revenues from the Retailing and Technological industries dominated, representing $40.1 billion and $38.2 billion. 3PL revenues by customer industry for both Domestic and Global Fortune companies from 2010 through 2020E are included.

The report also details the type and number of 3PL services customers tend to use. 3PL customers use an average of 2.71 services per 3PL relationship—often a combination of Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, and/or Value-Added Services. Further analysis details the most important 3PL services demanded by each of the nine industry segments.

3PL service and industry trends for three major regions (North America, Asia-Pacific, and EMEA) are examined as well as a deep-dive into 3PL relationships for six countries: China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and Mexico. 

Detailed information is also provided on leading 3PLs serving customers in the Automotive, Retailing, Technological, and Food & Groceries industries.

The complete report is available from Armstrong & Associates at

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