What is the Split of Supply Chain Maturity Levels across Companies?


For more than a decade, Gartner has partnered with SCDigest on a major supply chain study.


The survey for 2019 wrapped up at years’ end, and it will be a little while before we see any of the data, but when Gartner released its suppy chain “predicts” for 2019 in December, it included a chart from last year’s study that shows what percent of companies fit into what levels of supply chain maturity, from the lowest level 1 to the the top level 5, as shown below:


Source: Gartner


As can be seen, the preponderance of companies (46% in last year’s study, based on 2017 data) place themselves at just level 2. Only 4% rate themselves at levels 4 or 5, which were certainly combined because  there were so few in each of those levels individually.


In fact, Gartner says almost no companies have yet reached the top level that represents “supply chain orchestration.”


We’ll have to see what the data shows for this year’s study that will come out in a few months.



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