Western Province Procurement Committee Sworn In

Western Province Procurement Committee Sworn In


Magistrate Walo Sakatao who presided over the swearing-in ceremony, reminded the Western Province Procurement Committee that it is a serious matter when making an oath upon the bible as it is the source of from which all laws emanate.

“The task you have now is a task that’s very important. You have been picked, chosen for your profession and your trustworthiness. When you swear, that is a promise that you will service the office that you will serve with diligence, trustworthiness, and loyalty,” Sakatao said.

The four Provincial Procurement Committee members sworn in were; Provincial Administrator, Robert Alphonse Kaiyun, Provincial Works Manager, Samuel Moses, Cathy Simon, Advisor, Planning & Budget, and Lewa Kolomba, Provincial Financial Manager.

CEO for NPC, Simon Bole said the Provincial Procurement Committees replace the Provincial Supply Tenders Board.

“Some things you need to know are threshold limit. When provincial committees in the provinces are established, you will be doing procurement activities in the province. Your threshold limit is K5million and less. Anything from K500,000 to K5million, the provincial committee can procure.  Contracts more than K5million will be referred back to NPC.

“While procuring there, for less than K5 million also means Sect 48 has restrictions and reservations. Section 48 restricts certain amount of contracts, the value of K10 million to go only to national companies at the provincial level and not to any overseas companies.” He said.

Although this function is a voluntary role, nevertheless penalty provisions are there to safeguard the funds.

“So section 78 of the procurement act informs us of the penalty provision, the offence section. Penalty is very serious, that is like you have 15 years imprisonment, for someone bridging that procurement act, and K2million court fine.” Bole said.

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