Warehousing development under consideration in Atlasville

Warehousing development under consideration in Atlasville

The metro confirmed that there are applications for a development under consideration at an open open field on the corners of Brentwood, Finch and Atlas roads.

According to Nhlanhla Cebekhulu, the metro spokesperson, it is not for offices but rather warehousing and packaging on the western side of the proposed PWV 15 road and residential and mini storage on the eastern side.

“There are two applications under consideration. The proposed PWV 15 splits the property into two portions.

“The portion to the west of the PWV 15, adjacent to the Atlasville Substation, will be developed with commercial stands (warehousing and packaging) and the other portion to the east of the PWV 15, but still west of Brentwoodpark Road, will be developed with mini storage units and town houses,” explained Cebekhulu.

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