Warehouse Live posts savage clap back after Bakersfield theater in California taunts Houston Astros on its marquee


HOUSTON – Warehouse Live clapped back at a historic Bakersfield theater for taunting the Houston Astros for its sign-stealing scandal on its marquee.

The Fox Theater in Bakersfield has been closed for several weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic so it decided to poke some fun at the Astros on its marquee by displaying, “Never Forget Houston Asterisks Let’s Go Dodgers.”

Well, Warehouse Live, a popular concert venue in Houston, had a little message for the Fox Theater. The venue replied back on its marquee stating, “Kiss Our Asterisk! Los Angeles Dodging Championships since 1988.”

Warehouse Live vs Bakersfield Fox Theater
Warehouse Live vs Bakersfield Fox Theater (Warehouse Live)

The Bakersfield Fox Theater responded back to the post on Instagram saying, “Hey Bakersfield and specifically Bakersfield Dodger fans, the awesome peeps @warehouselive and Houston finally came back at us. Took a minute, maybe the closed circuit feed was down. Either way, we want to let them know that Bakersfield bleeds blue. Any suggestions for another Marquee Inspired response?”

If the theater does respond back, what’s another good clap back Astros fans can say to Dodgers fans? Comment your response below.

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