The Ministry’s response to procurement queries about pumps raises several questions

The Ministry’s response to procurement queries about pumps raises several questions

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the Ministry’s response (Guyana Chronicle, Feb 21) to the queries about procurement of drainage pumps. Several questions are raised about their response:

1.  Is it normal for bidders to put in bids for technical equipment without technical specifications and descriptions of equipment being offered? If so, what will the tender evaluators evaluate? If not, why are the suppliers now trying to find pump supplies when the model of equipment would have already been submitted, evaluated, and accepted?

2. Is it true that the Miami based Guyana Consulate did the “due diligence” with respect to the Morrison Pump company, including visiting the company’s office in a residential building in Holly-wood, Florida? Can the Consulate representative describe the type of factory in the residential building? Was it an actual factory? The company’s website says it has two staff. Did the Consulate representative meet the two staff and interviewed them about pump manufacturing? Is it reasonable to conclude that the two staff can manufacture the pumps, test them, and offer warranty as per contract requirement? Does the company have assets to back warranty of/or support the multi-million dollar contract?

3.  Is the company certified to manufacture pumps, or, is it simply buying and selling pumps? If the company is buying pumps, re-branding them and re-selling these pumps, isn’t that a violation of the tender that clearly states that the supplier, or seller, must manufacture and provide warranty for the pumps? How can the Ministry assure that the rebranded pumps meets the specifications outlined in the bidding documents?


Dr. Vishnu Bandhu, Leader

United Republican Party

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