The Daniels Corporation upgrades to digital procurement to manage Spadina Sussex Student Residence project

TORONTO, May 12, 2020 /CNW/ – As one of Canada’s largest and preeminent builder/developers, The Daniels Corporation (“Daniels”) relies heavily on its procurement staff to obtain quality products and services for major construction projects in the Greater Toronto Area. To increase purchasing efficiency and streamline the overall process, The Daniels Corporation is adopting the bids&tenders digital procurement platform (

The bids&tenders platform ensures optimal results with reduced liability by managing vendor questions and automatic addenda posts and notifications, all through a centralized digital platform that staff can access from anywhere at any time. The automated analysis generates bid comparison reports instantly, saving weeks of time, resources and costs. Online digital procurement practices will allow Daniels to continue collaborating with internal staff and suppliers during the COVID-19 crisis.

bids&tenders is a portal for efficient and streamlined communication between procurement staff, trades and consultants. Suppliers interested in working with The Daniels Corporation simply need to create an account with bids&tenders, review and submit responses to requests for information (RFI), requests for quotations (RFQ), requests for proposals (RFP) and requests for tenders (RFT), entirely online. Suppliers can set up automatic notifications for any relevant new opportunities that become available with The Daniels Corporation, as well as hundreds of other organizations that are using bids&tenders.

About bids&tenders
Developed and operated by eSolutionsGroup, a division of GHD Digital, bids&tenders ( is a leading digital procurement platform that connects buyers and suppliers through an online marketplace across a variety of geographic regions, sectors and industries. With more than 3,500 buyers, 115,000 suppliers and 150,000 bid submissions per year, bids&tenders makes it easy for buyers to post, receive, evaluate and award bids, create and manage contracts, and evaluate supplier performance. The bids&tenders platform simplifies the bid submission process for suppliers through an intuitive, seamless user interface that enables compliant bids every time.

About The Daniels Corporation
The Daniels Corporation ( is one of Canada’s pre-eminent builders/developers, building more than 30,000 new homes across the Greater Toronto Area for over 35 years.  Daniels has been named the 2019 recipient of Tarion Warranty Corporation’s Ernest Assaly Award and has been recognized as the ‘Ontario High Rise Builder of the Year’ numerous times. Among its many initiatives, Daniels was chosen to partner with Toronto Community Housing to revitalize 53 of the 69 acres in Toronto’s Regent Park. Understanding that quality of life is created by much more than physical buildings, Daniels goes above and beyond to integrate building excellence with opportunities for social, cultural and economic well-being. Committed to community, Daniels offers innovative programs that help people achieve homeownership, and supports numerous charities and non-profit organizations.

For support in viewing current bids, creating an account or submitting bids with bids&tenders, please contact [email protected]ca or visit bids&tenders’ vendor support portal.

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