Swisslog automated warehouse shuttle system delivers high throughput in less space


Image of Swisslog's automated warehouse shuttle system
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Warehousing and logistics automation leader Swisslog is introducing its flexible new PowerStore high density shuttle system for retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and pallet warehousing applications seeking to achieve high throughput and optimal space utilisation.

The modularity of the PowerStore pallet shuttle system – for which the first installation in the Southern Hemisphere is currently being completed in Australia – enables storage of up to 60% more pallets compared to manual systems.

Swisslog has more than 50 years of global experience in the design and implementation of pallet warehouses, and its PowerStore system complements a comprehensive range of highly customisable automation and Industry 4.0 solutions that Swisslog provides to retail, FMCG, food and beverage, logistics, transport, pharmaceutical and warehousing operations globally.

“In addition to highly customisable new installations, PowerStore’s adaptability opens up completely new possibilities for automation in existing warehouses, due to its naturally compact and space-saving grid-like layout,” says Mr Paul Stringleman, Senior Consultant, Swisslog Australia.

“PowerStore is ideal for manufacturing businesses, especially those in the FMCG and food and beverage industries where high throughput is essential to profitability. In addition to being proven in manufacturing environments for FMCG operations, interest is increasing in applying this technology as a high density storage and high pick of A Class movers in a retail environment,” said Mr Stringleman.

PowerStore can operate in a range of environments, from -30°C in frozen food storage up to 50°C, and can easily be retrofitted to warehouses with low ceilings or unusual shapes.

PowerStore functionality

Central to the system is a fleet of Swisslog AisleCarrier and RowCarrier red shuttle robots rolling along narrow tracks picking up and dropping off pallets, which ride conveyors between levels. 

“Essentially the AisleCarriers and RowCarriers each operate on a different axis on a 2D plane. For simplicity, let’s call them rows and columns. The RowCarriers travel across their row to retrieve pallets and deliver them to their destination – the transfer station. AisleCarriers move across each column, and can transport a RowCarrier – with our without a load – between the designated row and the vertical conveyor at the end,” explains Mr Stringleman.

“At the end of the column is a vertical conveyor, which facilitates fast and effective movement of pallets between levels. The end result is a highly efficient grid-based automated warehouse system that fits in a compact space, and delivers pallets significantly faster than manual solutions,” he said.

Integration with SynQ software

PowerStore control software is fully integrated in Swisslog’s SynQ suite of warehouse management software and designed to work seamlessly with customers’ Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and host systems.

Swisslog’s SynQ materials handling software provides warehouse management, material flow, automation and 3D visualisation all from a single point of control. SynQ software, which is a combination of Synchronisation and Intelligence Quotient, has been designed for dynamic, data-driven supply chains.

“Through continuous monitoring and real-time data, warehouses can continuously operate at maximum efficiency to ultimately reduce operational costs. Furthermore, early-warning system for malfunctions reduce downtime of critical equipment and allow a business to create calculated risks,” said Mr Stringleman.

Learn more about Swisslog’s PowerStore automated warehouse solution.

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