Supply@ME launches Inventory Monetization solution through SIAchain

Supply@ME launches Inventory Monetization solution through SIAchain

Alessandro Zamboni

Alessandro Zamboni, CEO Supply@ME

SIA has entered into an agreement with AvantGarde Group’s scale-up, Supply@ME for the launch of the latter’s Inventory Monetization platform through SIAchain infrastructure.

According to the supplier, the partnership is expected to integrate Supply@ME’s application with SIAchain.

SIAchain, developed by SIA, is a private infrastructure that aims to support FIs, corporates as well as public corporations in the development and implementation of blockchain-based applications.

“Thanks to this new partnership with Supply@ME, SIAchain confirms its role as the leading blockchain architecture in Europe, developing and supporting the launch of mission-critical applications, featuring high performance and security, associated with a clear model of governance. This initiative will further enable us to innovate SIAchain, which today is also able to handle applications based on the Hyperledger Fabric platform, as well as those developed on R3’s Corda and Ethereum”, commented Daniele Savarè, SIA Innovation & Business Solutions Director.

Established in 2017, Supply@ME’s solution enables firms to produce value from their unsold stocks. The company aims to enhance the evaluation, monitoring, and monetization of the unsold stock in any sector.

“Our funders require transparency and resilience, in short, reliability. We are delighted to be working with SIA to create the world’s first infrastructure enabling firms to invest – in a highly innovative way offering the highest levels of data assurance – in the key factor for every company: its inventory, the most significant part of their working capital”, stated Alessandro Zamboni, CEO of the AvantGarde Group and Supply@ME.

Recently, SIA entered into a partnership with payment software company HPS in a bid to increase its card payments processing in Greece and other European countries.

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