Supply chain issues delay opening of Sevier County hospital

Supply chain issues delay opening of Sevier County hospital

DE QUEEN, Ark. — Sevier County Medical Center officials have announced a delay in the new hospital’s opening due to supply issues.

The arrival of some construction materials and equipment has delayed the opening from this spring to the fall of the year, said Sevier County Medical Board President Steve Cole.

“These issues are happening to a lot of construction projects,” Cole said.

The turnover of the building to the county is expected by Aug. 5. Once the building is turned over, hospital officials anticipate it will take around six weeks to move in furniture and equipment, as well as prep the building for its opening date, according to officials. The opening date is set for approximately Sept. 12.

The board is continuing to accept resumes for all positions within the hospital. The board is currently operating a small team of administers but plans to increase the hospital’s workforce as the opening date nears. Anyone interested in joining the hospital’s staff is asked to send their resumes to [email protected]

Officials said the hiring timeline will quicken in pace during late spring and into summer, with more positions to be filled as the opening date approaches

The site, located north of De Queen, is about 18 acres, and is being landscaped to create a visually appealing campus for the hospital.

The hospital will be about 42,000 square feet and includes an outpatient rehab facility. It should employ about 105 people.

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