Shipping deadlines for the holidays | News

Shipping deadlines for the holidays | News

ANTIOCH, TN (WSMV) – As you plan your holiday shopping this year, it’s a good idea to consider shipping deadlines to ensure your packages make it in time for the holiday.

Experts are urging consumers nationwide to send their packages out well in advance to avoid late arrivals. However, they say due to supply chain shortages because of the global pandemic.

Saturday afternoon customers were in and out of PostalAnnex in Antioch sending off Christmas gifts or picking them up.

“The lines at the post office are nuts! They’re just way too long and this place is open later so,” said Ashley Hilliker, PostalAnnex customer.

Others say they’re planning to purchase their gifts and send them off immediately.

“I’m going to go home and get on the PC and start making some orders to make sure I get it in time,” said John Haury.

For ground services, the deadline to ship by Dec. 25 for FedEx, UPS, and USPS is Dec. 15.

It’s a busy season for places like PostalAnnex, a mailing service, and a U-Haul center in Antioch. The owner encourages people to send off their items days before the shipping deadlines to ensure arrival.

“The main deadline is the 15th, but it’s the expected delivery date before Christmas,” said Kevin Skyes. “So, that’s why I say before 15th so you won’t get any hiccups. You know if something does get delayed or anything like that.” 

Below is a full list of the deadlines for USPS packages to arrive on Dec. 25:

Domestic Mail Class/Product

 Date (excluding Alaska & Hawaii)

  •  USPS Retail Ground® Service

Dec. 15

  • First-Class Mail® Service

Dec. 17

Dec. 18

  •   Priority Mail Express® Service2

Dec. 23

For the FedEx 2021 shipping deadlines for holiday packages, click the PDF below.

PDF for 2021 FedEx Shipping deadlines

For the UPS recommended last days to ship for each holiday, click this PDF.

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