Romanians’ purchasing power up 18% in 2018 – GfK

Romanians’ purchasing power up 18% in 2018 – GfK

The purchasing power of Romanians, measured as the sum of net wages, pensions and other benefits per capita, increased by 18% in 2018 compared to 2017, to EUR 5,083 (from EUR 4,556 in 2017 and EUR 4,181 in 2016), an analysis by GfK, quoted by Ziarul Financiar, shows.

However, the regional disparities widened, the same report reveals. The richest counties are Bucharest, Cluj, Timiş and Ilfov, the primary hubs of Romania’s development, where the purchasing power is at least 20% above the country average, while at the opposite end are Botosani, Vaslui, Calarasi, and Giurgiu, where the net annual income per capita is lower than 72% of the national average.

In 29 of the total 42 counties, the purchasing power is lower than 96% of the national average, while 8 counties benefit from an annual net income above 104% of the national average, and in the remaining five counties the purchasing power ranges between 96% and 104 % of the national average.


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