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DENVER (CBS4)– A local company that creates and bottles soda and CBD beverages, have some of their employees back for the first time in weeks. Rocky Mountain Soda reopened up their warehouse on Monday, with new safety protocols for their staff.

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“I miss high-fiving the guys, shaking their hands, patting them on the back,” said Moose Koons, the sales director and co-owner of Rocky Mountain Soda. “Hopefully once we get used to everything and adapt, we can bring our entire staff back.”

On Monday, the soda company reopened their warehouse for production, bring 50% of this staff back after a seven-week closure. Despite being deemed an essential business, the owners felt they had enough inventory to follow the stay-at-home order.

“We felt really for us, it was a question of our employees,” Koons said. “And the safety for them.”

Koons said the business was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was a bit scary,” he told CBS4. “We lost about 50% of our business because unfortunately all the restaurants and bars that we were partnered with and are our customers, they had to shut down.”

Koons said during the closure, they worked hard to come up with new sanitation procedures that would help employees feel safe when back at work.

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“I got to admit on Monday I think there was a level of anxiety,” Koons said. “But I think now that everything has set in and everyone felt comfortable with our new safety protocols, they totally relaxed and I think it’s been really well received.”

Now, when employees walk into the warehouse, they first walk on a mat that disinfects their shoes. They then have their temperature taken, put on sanitized gloves, masks and eyewear before they hit the floor.

“We have social distancing of course, masks, cleanliness,” he said. “I mean even things such as different bathroom and break protocols and everything like that.”

Koons said the business has been up and running for 10 years. Now, things may be different but it’s a chance to adapt to new normal while keeping the Rocky Mountain Soda, sparkling CBD drinks and lifted libations going out to the community.

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“I think it was a little scary but it made us better,” he said. “We really couldn’t be who we are without our employees and our team, our family if you will.”

Koons said if anyone does not feel comfortable going into the store to pick up their product, they have everything on sale online as well. Right now, they are offering a 20% discount and free shipping with the code “StayAtHome.”

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