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Rising shipping costs could dictate what you’re able to buy during holiday season

Rising shipping costs could dictate what you’re able to buy during holiday season

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – A race to get the best gifts for everyone in the toy game.

Shipping costs have been way up over the last year-plus because of the pandemic, According to an article from Time. Higher shipping costs could lead to places charging a higher retail price for certain goods.

John Forgie, who owns Toys N More near the Sam’s Club in Reno, has been battling this issue since his store opened nearly a year ago.

“Many times the pricing jump is not so significant that we can’t just absorb that for clients. Other times there are 10%, 15%, 20% jumps and so what’s kind of scary is how fast those jumps come because they’re all just related to shipping,” he said.

In a conversation with KOLO 8 News Now Forgie says his team tries its best to not have the gifts you buy cost more because of increased shipping costs.

But depending on what you and your family are looking for some items can be easier to get than others. In a market where every retailer is vying for the same goods some places could be left without behind.

“Take availability from an online store for example – they dry up so fast so you can’t keep track of the inventory. You’ll say ‘great, I ordered this Hot Wheels track set and it’ll be here by such-and-such date.’ By the time (the manufacturer) figures out they no longer have (the good) because the price was so under market then you get this notification that it won’t get shipped at all,” Forgie said.

Plain and simple not everyone will be able to get whatever they want at the price they can afford. Forgie says focusing on other realms of the business has helped. He adds his employees focus on in-person relationships by guiding customers through finding the perfect gift. That’s what his customers have appreciated compared to shopping online.

“It’s really encouraging when people come in and tell you that they’re so happy that you opened a toy store. There’s all kinds of fun stuff to choose from. We should be able to find something to make every child happy,” said Forgie.

Toys N More will hold a one-year anniversary party November 20 during regular business hours. Customers can stop by for a 10% discount on everything in the store.

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