Purchase limits for meat back on at H-E-B | Coronavirus


H-E-B grocery stores have re-imposed purchase limits on some food products.

While limits to many cleaning supplies and toiletry products have remained in place since first being imposed in March, H-E-B has reinstated purchasing limits on multiple meat products.

The current purchase limits are as follows:

Food Items

Fresh beef, ground beef, chicken, pork, turkey – limit 5 packages, combined total (not five of each)

Frozen Chicken – Limit 2

Frozen Raw Beef Burgers – Limit 2

Non-food Items

Acetaminophen – 2 items total (includes baby, trial and travel sizes, OTC)

H-E-B Acid Controller/Famotidine and Pepcid 50ct and larger – Limit 1

H-E-B Acid Controller/Famotidine and Pepcid smaller than 50ct – Limit 2

Baby wipes – 2 items

Disinfecting & antibacterial sprays – 2 items

Disinfecting & antibacterial wipes – 2 items

Trial and travel size disinfecting & antibacterial sprays/wipes – 2 items

Liquid bleach – 2 items

Hand sanitizer – 4 items

Hand soap – 4 items

Aloe Vera – 2 items (Digestive Health, Skincare/Suncare, Healthy Living)

Hydrogen peroxide – 2 items

Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol/swabs – 2 items

First Aid and Cleaning Gloves – 2 items

Masks – 2 items


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