Property purchase being negotiated | Local News Stories

Property purchase being negotiated | Local News Stories

NYSSA — One of the next steps on the proposed Treasure Valley Reload Center will be finalizing the puchase of the property on which it is slated to be constructed north of Nyssa.

The property in question is a 290.35-acre parcel of land just north of Gamble Island Road, next to the Union Pacific Railroad, and is owned by Warren Farmer and Jim and Margaret Farmer.

Under details now being negotiated, purchase of the property is slated to be covered by the Oregon Department of Transportation through the ConnectOregon program, which funds infrastructure projects. Being added to that are possible funds from Business Oregon, said Greg Smith, Reload Center project manager.

This arrangement would benefit development of properties around the reload center for industrial sites that would be used by businesses interested in using the reload center and may want to purchase sites, Smith said.

He explained the funding for the ConnectOregon part of the project, the reload center itself, comes from 20-year bonds, which would not allow the sale of any property f0r 20 years.

The Oregon Legislature appropriated $26 million in lottery back bonds to the reload center project. Smith did not give a figure about how much money could be coming from Business Oregon.

Funding from Business Oregon for purchase of the property which could be developed for a business park would allow the sale of the property without the time constraint, Smith said. However, because of land use regulations only 128 acres of the approximately 290 acres may be changed from agricultural use to industrial use of the reload center, Smith said, but there is an effort to try and change that.

The purchase of the property is projected to be completed by the end of the year, he said.

The Oregon Transportation Commission in July gave reload center sponsors the green light to begin developing the final design toward construction of the reload center.

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