Novena Global Lifecare establishes new business unit for PPE medical essentials and delivers over 100 million units medical supplies globally to aid with fight of COVID-19


  • Amidst the global pandemic and circuit-breaker measures in Singapore and rest of the World, Novena Global Lifecare (“NGL”) has since earlier this year established a new business unit to focus on PPE medical supplies
  • Novena Global Lifecare is now appointed by the various Government’s Coronavirus task force to support with both sourcing and compliance management across a number of medical PPE supplies including invasive ventilators, PPE masks and COVID-19 Test kits etc.
  • Over 100 million units of medical supply essentials through Novena Global Lifecare’s strategic relationship has been secured and successfully delivered over to ensure 100% compliance throughout the sourcing and manufacturing process, including, factory audits, QA/QC and reporting
  • Novena Global Lifecare continues to drive its belief in creating a significant shift in society. As one of the first foreign private company to donate 1 million masks to the city of Wuhan when the COVID-19 crisis first broke out in Jan 2020, the company continues to raise proceeds now via the LOH BROTHER’S FOUNDATION where it donates $1 for every box of masks sold worldwide.

SINGAPORE, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In current challenging times, Novena Global Lifecare (the “Company” or “NGL”) pivots its business and is now appointed by the various Government’s Coronavirus task force to support with both sourcing and compliance management across a number of medical supplies.


Today, with over 2,000 staff globally and as one of Asia’s largest medical healthcare group, NGL continues to look at ways of disrupting and in looking at ways of innovating. In response to the business disruption that COVID-19 alongside to the current Circuit breaker in Singapore, Terence Loh, CEO of Novena Global Lifecare says “The good news is this is not the first ‘lockdown’ we are experiencing as an organisation. The experience we gained in China allowed us to better prepare for the subsequent circuit breaker which we are currently experiencing.

Since January, we shifted our thinking to focus on what is critical to keep our company strong and then it was just down to execution. Where services were affected, we switched our focus to launch products and dramatically changed the way we sell and incentivise our team. Our medical supplies business, which in the past mostly supplied internally is now a supplier to governments, hospitals and large organisations worldwide.”

Nelson Loh, Executive Chairman of Novena Global Lifecare during a recent interview with CNBC cites “No businesses are really spared from the impact in this situation but the important thing to do is to stay positive and be nimble so that business can be quick to respond to any changes. We had to shift our frontline staff where operations were affected to focus on e-commerce and supply logistics.

At NGL, we are always ready to push boundaries and constantly brace ourselves for change, where pockets of our businesses is more human dependent, this pandemic brought about some changes faster as we had to adopt to new ways of conducting business through accelerated digitisation.”

In view of being agile as an organisation, Novena Global Lifecare (“NGL”) has now mobilised our medicals teams, with over 200 dedicated staff to supply PPE materials globally. In Singapore, we are now able to distribute medical grade equipment such as Ventilators, Hand Sanitizers, Face masks, Surgical Gowns, Protective eyewear and COVID-19 test kits.

Novena Global Lifecare_ establishes new Business Unit in Medical PPE & has since delivered over $100 million supplies globally


With a global demand for masks that has risen in recent months as countries step up their fight against COVID-19. Lockdowns overseas have put the ability of countries to manufacture and export under stress.

For many countries with current struggles to ensure sources are legitimate, certified and the risk of ensuring order stocks are delivered timely, NGL with its strategic alliances & presence in North Asia has since now secured and successfully delivered over 100 million units of medical supply essentials, directly engaged with factories to ensure 100% compliance throughout the sourcing process, including, factory audits, QA/QC and reporting.

Even with the commendable initiatives taken by the Singapore government’s to locally produce and distribute quality reusable masks that has a BFE of 98.5%, NGL continues to establish as a source channel to ensure the accessibility to high-grade, CE & US FDA certified masks to the general public.

With the circuit breaker concluding on June 1 and the masses head back to offices with measures, the continual protection to ensure one’s safety remains pertinent. Disposable masks are still a good idea for hygiene purposes and with BFE >=99% & PFE>=98%, one is assured to be protected.

In addition, NGL has now even secured provision to KN95 Masks alongside its N95 as an alternative. With N95 allocations to key medical personal in most countries, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says KN95 masks are as effective as N95 masks and are one of the many “suitable substitutes” for N95 masks that are “in short supply”. Regulated by the Chinese government, they are almost identical in performance to N95 masks and in the case of a shortage of epidemic prevention resources, KN95 can play the same protective role as an N95 mask.

Enclosed is a link done by NGL to educate on masks 

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With efforts akin to Education Benefit Gala that was graced by President Obama, NGL continues its continual efforts to give back to the community. Through the distribution of face masks, NGL pledges $1 for every face mask box sold to the Loh Brothers Foundation – COVID Charity Fund.


Post COVID-19 will not be the same. Similar to 9/11, social distancing and security measures became the norm.

At NGL, we always aim to be a forward thinking and embrace technology. In the foreseeable low touch economy and less trusting society, technology will have an even bigger role in our organisation. We have and looked at many ways of innovating whether it is in the Internet of Things (IOT) or in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

A leaner and more productive organisation has emerged and this will be one of the guiding principles that will carry us through to the next phase of our organisation’s growth as the company reorganises its people to ensure job security in unprecedented times.

As Terence Loh, CEO of Novena Global Lifecare quotes, “He who doesn’t grow, grow smaller. And there is no better way to describe how we are reacting to the pandemic. Taking an offensive approach at this time to grow our business despite the restrictions by looking for new ways to market and position ourselves. All businesses need to rethink the way things are being done now instead of waiting for things to normalise.”

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