New supermarket inventories by the first winter storm of 2020

New supermarket inventories by the first winter storm of 2020


WAYMART, Pa. – Although the winter weather on Saturday can cause problems, it is good news for supermarkets in the area because people are looking for storage before the storm.

It is a very welcome development for a Wayne County supermarket that has only been open for just over a month.

With snow in the forecast, Hayes owner Rich Hayes checks the inventory in the store that he opened last month in this Shur Save in Waymart.


After working in supermarkets for over 20 years, this is Rich’s first time as captain of the ship and he wants to be prepared.

“So we’re actually going to be well staffed, number one,” Rich said. “We’re also going to make sure we have the inventory needed for the snowstorm, which is unexpected at the moment that we’re bumping into on Saturday.”

And with the scanner beeping at checkout, it is clear that customers also want to be ready.

“I’m getting the supplies here, cola, chips, you know?” Nancy Deetz laughed. “Just things that everyone needs.”

Rich says he already has some experience with seeing what this community wants during a snow storm. It snowed on the day of their grand opening in December.

Rich says that day could not have gone better.

“It actually worked out well, because they were not only interested in the store to view it on December 1, Sunday morning, but they were here to get their supplies for the snowstorm when that day struck,” Rich said.

Many are thankful that Rich took over the store after Ray’s supermarket closed it, especially during these times.

“If I needed a liter of milk, I would have to go to Carbondale or Honesdale, so this is much easier,” Deetz said. “Oh yes, yes, because it’s only a 10-minute drive instead of a half-hour drive, so it’s good.”

Knowing Rich says they’ll be here if anyone needs anything during the storm

“We usually have that last-minute rush on the way to the storm, what to expect,” Rich said. “And we will be prepared for that tomorrow, Saturday when the storm hits, probably by noon as they say.”

Hayes Market will be open on Saturday morning at seven, whatever the weather.




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