Need full details of McGuire project

Need full details of McGuire project


Aug. 8, 2018 12:01 am


In responding to my letter asking for the details of the McGuire project, Ms. Parker avoids the real issue: How can Sussex County Community College spend millions on the project without full analysis, transparency and accountability?

I met with SCCC President Connolly and his CFO. Although requested, they could not provide a summary of the McGuire project showing all capital expenditures, expenses, revenues, risks and sources of funds. The best they could do was a handwritten list of capital expenditures from memory, and reading projected operating revenues/expenses from a spreadsheet.

There has to be full documentation and analysis somewhere — otherwise, how did the SCCC Board, the Board of School Estimate (BSE) and the Freeholder Board carry out their fiduciary responsibilities? Ms. Parker, may we see it?

According to the Herald, the BSE approved reallocation of millions to the McGuire project — without public notice of the matter, not all of its members present and the majority of “yes” votes cast by SCCC trustees. Ms. Parker, are you comfortable with that?

SCCC wants to lease the McGuire property, spend money on capital improvements and occupy the property before the issuance of environmental clearance, while committing to purchase the property (all with taxpayer money). Ms. Parker, if this were YOUR money, would you do that?

The realistic alternative to the McGuire project is not new construction — it is rental of one of the many available properties in Sussex County or a VoTech partnership. Ms. Parker, were you really considering only new construction in lieu of the McGuire project?

With SCCC losing $5.3 million on operations in 2017 (SCCC financial statements: ) and its board chair mandatorily leaving in October, this lack of transparency and accountability by SCCC’s board is shocking but not surprising.

I again challenge SCCC to hold a town hall meeting, present the details and answer questions.

Richard Kelsky



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