Michigan DNR unveils new license purchasing system

Michigan DNR unveils new license purchasing system

ALPENA, Mich. — The Michigan DNR is getting ready for a new license sales system to go into effect on Tuesday. It will replace a 26–year–old system and will provide upgrades to it’s license sale technology, enhance features for customers, and provide new equipment to license retailers.

Chief Technology Officer with the DNR, Tom Weston says this system will be a massive upgrade from the previous one. “It was time for an upgrade. The technology was older,” he said. “Our point of sale devices at our license agent locations were really out of date. Adding all new hardware at our license agent locations, a new web presence, and really updated technology is going to make it easier for us to change things as rules and regulations change.”

Customers will be able to create their own profile online that will save their information for later interactions with the system. Store retailers will be able to simply scan the customers driver’s license instead of putting their information in manually. Another feature is the option for automatic renewals. Instead of having to go online or in a store to buy a license, a new one will be automatically sent to your email.

Many Michiganders don’t realize how much license purchases contribute towards maintaining the state’s natural resources. “We generate about $77 million a year in license sales, and all that money goes right back to the resource,” said Weston. “Whether it be fish habitat improvements, maintaining the 4 million-plus acres of state land out there. So it’s a very important funding source for the department.”

The new system will go into effect at noon on Tuesday, and you can visit it at Michigan.gov/DNRLicenses.

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