Managed Logistics Meets Five Challenges for Complex Supply Chain Operations

Managed Logistics Meets Five Challenges for Complex Supply Chain Operations

As the supply chain becomes more complex, it’s crucial to find a managed logistics provider (MLP) with complete capabilities, depth of experience, and technology. The right partner will fully understand your customer needs and provide innovative solutions to stay fresh and competitive. 

Here are five tactical challenges that any MLP must be able to meet.

Network Optimization

1.The right partner should offer an efficient exchange and management of data across multiple business segments to drive costs lower, increase productivity, and support customer satisfaction. Without continuous network optimization those essential business goals can be threatened.

2. Orders, Shipments, and Load Planning

Look beyond your business sector for broad experience across a variety of supply chains that have been resolved for scores or even hundreds of clients. Your MLP should support your real-time mode and routing decisions, as opposed to relying on past experience to make educated guesses when it’s time to drop shipments.

3. Inbound Programs

A MLP must be able to quickly align vendors with your requirements and reveal new opportunities for more efficient inbound shipment management to support improved production and distribution.

4. Payments and Claims Resolution

Payments processing and claim resolutions can negatively impact your bottom line as well as shift focus from your core business operations. Find a partner who can standardize, automate, and improve these critical functions.

5. Data Visibility and Reporting

Ultimately, the selection of great managed logistics provider will yield significant improvements in data visibility and reporting. You need a complete picture of your supply chain operations if you are to effectively manage them. 

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