Logistics in the cloud: Deltion

Spotify, a digital subscription to your favourite newspaper, the latest triple A video game – everywhere you look, tech companies and software providers are offering their products as a service. Gone are the days of buying one standalone piece of software in its complete form; you can now expect it to continuously evolve with each new development and receive support from its creator years down the line.

This concept of ‘software as a service’ is one that has been fully embraced by Deltion, which has taken the model one step further, making its solution to managing supply chains one of the most robust and accessible products of its kind on the market.

Doing away with the need for a bespoke piece of software on a dedicated system of its own, Deltion’s solution is to provide the same level of supply chain management through a cloud-based portal, called CarrierNet, which requires little more than a web browser to access. Gone is the need to install updates or worry about computational requirements for the software to work; all the heavy lifting is handled on Deltion’s end.

As business development manager Bashir Khan explains: “If you’ve not got any IT hardware requirements, you don’t have to buy any of those, nor do you have to have managers to manage those IT hardware bits and pieces and infrastructure.

“The whole of that cost is left with somebody else, but you are sharing it across a number of different people. That’s the reason people do it – because you can focus on your business and other people will focus on the support activity for your IT.”

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