Local non-profit hosts warehouse sale

Local non-profit hosts warehouse sale

JACKSON, Tenn. – Regional Inter-Faith Association, also known as RIFA had its thrift store warehouse sale Saturday, bringing a large crowd of people into the store to get a great deal.

“I wasn’t looking for nothing in specific but I did find a chair for my daughter’s room since we had just redone her room and I found some socks today,” said shopper, Kim Howard.

“It has gone great,” said Lindsay Dawkins who is the marketing and events coordinator for RIFA. “We have had a flood of people coming in to visit our warehouse and our thrift store to get some good finds.”

Finds like furniture, decor, household items and clothing were all at low prices.

“Dressers, chest drawers, wooden furniture. I like to re-purpose furniture and it’s a hobby of mine so that is why I come out,” said shopper, Leslie Senter.

“We have couches, furniture, chairs, tables just different household items,” said Dawkins. “Just little things that we need to get out the door.”

All the proceeds from the thrift store will go back into the ministries so more people can receive food.

“You know, we always say that the thrift store is kind of a win, win situation,” said Dawkins. “You are able to donate items out of your house that maybe you don’t want anymore. We are able to put it at low cost in our store, in the warehouse sale and then the proceeds will go back into our ministries where we can feed those hungry in our community.”

“I shop at all thrift store and yard sales, finding the best deal of the day,” said Howard.

“Just finding unique pieces that you might not see in your average thrift store when they have these sales,” said Senter. “I mean it’s always good to buy from RIFA because it gives back to the community.”

RIFA will be hosting another warehouse sale on April 4th.

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