LevaData’s Customer-led, AI Sourcing and Procurement Program Delivers Measurable Business Impact

LevaData’s Customer-led, AI Sourcing and Procurement Program Delivers Measurable Business Impact


the company whose Cognitive Sourcing platform delivers sustainable cost
management, increased agility and efficiency for strategic sourcing and
procurement professionals, today announced that its Leva Early Adopter
Program (LEAP) has shown positive, measurable results with global
customers such as Fitbit, Plantronics, and Bose.

In an effort to demonstrate the power of Leva™, the AI Advisor solution
built on LevaData’s Cognitive Sourcing Platform, the company recruited
some of its key customers for the program. The goal was to demonstrate
how Leva’s AI and predictive tools could transform sourcing into a
competitive, first-mover advantage. The first milestone, measuring
value, was reached on May 15.

“Joining LEAP was a big win for us,” said Kevin Purser, head of global
supply chain operations, sourcing and procurement at Fitbit. “We were
able to use Leva to guide through sourcing risks and savings
opportunities that we would not have identified as quickly otherwise, if
at all. The team loved how it personalized recommendations for each
person’s role, including procurement, finance and manufacturing. And
Leva’s predictive skills help us to optimize our decision-making in the
face of complex sourcing issues and large data sets.”

LEAP was designed to be an easy-to-deploy, low-risk, high-reward way to
discover Leva’s ROI through firsthand experience of applied AI for
cognitive sourcing. For a six-week period, participating customers
received access to a select set of Leva’s skills, along with the
opportunity to provide feedback and help LevaData prioritize those
benefits of most value to each customer.

Each LEAP participant tested six areas of validation/adoption:

Predictive Costing

Leva predicted the impact of market dynamics and internal spend drivers
across suppliers, parts, products, commodities, and regions. With this
proactive information, participants were able to anticipate emerging
shifts and enable proactive decisions as a hedge against their

Negotiation Playbooks

Leva recommended the best negotiation levers to use with each supplier
or scope of spend. It learned from each negotiation over time to improve
outcomes and predict probability of target cost achievement in the

Expanded Negotiation Levers

In addition to one-click generation of negotiation playbooks, Leva also
expanded the set of levers participants could use during a negotiation.
It automatically selected the highest-impact levers specific to spend
scope – such as sub-commodity, manufacturer, supplier, and related parts
– to maximize outcomes.

Opportunity Sensing

This was a live demonstration of Leva as an intelligent advisor. It
constantly explored all relevant information sources and intelligently
identified emerging risks and opportunities as changes occurred.

Information Curation

Related to Leva’s core learning abilities, participants saw an increase
in recommendation relevance. They experienced how Leva directed its
insights to the team member or division most able to act on its

Automated Classification

Leva provided participants with advanced classification of a broad set
of commodities and sub-commodities. This helped to optimize their
decision-making process and demonstrated how Leva learns the intricacies
of each organization’s unique environment.

“We’re grateful to the customers who took part in LEAP,” commented
Rajesh Kalidindi, founder and CEO of LevaData. “Giving them access to
Leva in exchange for feedback was a win-win for everyone involved. We
received excellent insights, and they saw real, measurable improvements
to their procurement and sourcing functions.”

About LevaData

LevaData, the Cognitive Sourcing™ Platform, offers global enterprises
the ability to improve gross margins by reducing supply chain costs,
with a focus on transforming the way global enterprises source products
and services. Customers include leaders in the top global supply chain
organizations, as well as medium-sized OEMs seeking to achieve
best-in-class direct materials sourcing practices. LevaData is privately
held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information,
visit www.levadata.com.


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