Gov’t lays out re-jigged IT procurement timeline

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The federal government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has revealed the expected timelines for a number of approaches-to-market for IT procurement, after the original procurement schedules were impacted by COVID-19.

The DTA, which is tasked with much of the federal government’s IT procurement, said in April that it may delay its approaches-to-market for a number of upcoming IT procurement panel arrangements amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, the Agency has said that, in response to disruptions caused by COVID-19 restrictions, it has decided to defer some of its approaches-to-market for its digital sourcing arrangements.

“We have been closely monitoring the impact on industry to consider the best time to recommence sourcing activities,” the DTA said in a blog post. “With disruptions easing in our respective marketplaces, we will recommence progressively over the coming months, starting in late May 2020.

“In approaching the market, we are aware of the significant impact caused by COVID-19 on businesses of all sizes, especially in light of social distancing requirements and difficult economic conditions.  

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