Fundacion Valenciaport joins European IoT supply chain project

Fundacion Valenciaport will join 20 stakeholders partners from eight European countries to design the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to serve and add digital value to the supply chains of the future.

In a statement, Fundacion Valenciaport said the project will be carried out within the framework of the new European project iNGENIOUS (Next-Generation IoT sOlutions for the Universal Supply chain).

It will be co-financed by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme, with a sum of nearly US$8.68 million for its development, which will begin next October.

“Over the last few decades,” the statement read, “supply chains have become huge networks of heterogeneous organisations involved in the manufacture and delivery of products to end users.

“The emergence of IoT is undoubtedly transforming the logistics-port sector and companies are looking for solutions to complete the digitisation of their supply chains in the most efficient way.”

The project’s main objective through the design of a solution that will make use of a large number of emerging technologies such as 5G technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, among others. Within the global supply chains, the parties will focus on three scenarios: industry, transport and logistics.

Specifically, the
Fundación Valenciaport will develop 4 use cases in the Port of Valencia that
will allow the validation of the technologies implemented in the framework of
the project:

1. Integration of
supply chains. In this use case, the interoperability between IoT platforms and
the interoperability between blockchain platforms used for transport and
logistics operations will be addressed.

2. Understanding and
predicting events in logistics-port scenarios: In this use case predictive
models based on artificial intelligence will be designed to predict and
optimise the time trucks spend inside the port during their operation.

3. Improvement of
safety in the handling of machinery through the use of virtual and augmented
reality as well as haptic devices. In this case of use, the remote control of
machinery in the port will be demonstrated through the aforementioned
technologies and the use of 5G connectivity.

4. Monitoring of goods
in intermodal transport through the joint use of IoT and satellite technology.
In this case of use it will be demonstrated the tracking of a container that
will be transported through land and sea transport between the port of Valencia
and the port of Piraeus.

iNGENIOUS, which is
scheduled to end in April 2023, involves partners from Spain, Germany, Finland,
France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and Poland, including the Spanish entities:
Fundación Valenciaport, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (coordinator),
COSCO Shipping Lines Spain S.A., Telefónica I+D, Nokia Spain, ASTI,
Neurodigital and 5COMM.

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