Freight Club launches real-time shipping and rate calculator at checkout on Shopify App Store

BURNABY, BC, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Freight Club, one of the fastest growing logistics platforms specializing in e-commerce, announced today the launch of their latest Shopify integration giving merchants a powerful and timely advantage: cart-level, real-time shipping quotes that leverage Freight Club’s competitive enterprise rates on both parcel and LTL. It comes at a time of unprecedented demand for many online sellers finding themselves unprepared, panicked and struggling to manage current volumes. 

With Freight Club’s Shopify App, merchants can go live quickly with full support and functionality. It provides a complete and transparent end-to-end experience to instantly rate, book and manage everything related to shipping e-commerce orders. The platform enables real-time quotes on both parcel and LTL options from over 100 nationwide carriers at exclusive rates, which means merchants are more competitive and consumers more likely to purchase

Freight Club has seen a 10x increase in the number of new clients launching online stores or seeking a shipping solution and, according to General Manager Chris Carroll, many are scrambling. “It’s truly do or die. They need an immediate shipping solution for e-commerce orders or for deliveries from existing retail locations.” Freight Club offers a fast and efficient way for smaller retailers to neutralize shipping as a competitive edge for big-volume vendors. With this Shopify integration, any merchant can offer customers the best shipping rates on even the bulkiest of buys. To learn more about the new integration click here.

“Several clients have launched on the same day they contacted us,” says Gillian Dew, Director of Business Development. “We’re thrilled to provide a solution to businesses struggling to set up a new channel with tighter timelines and margins.”

The impact is swift and significant: improved conversion rates, increased sales, higher profit margins and sound investment in infrastructure are all key components of success—even survival. “Shipping isn’t sexy,” says Carroll, “but it’s often the difference between being profitable or not.” Savvy shops can have the most compelling content, but at the end of the day, consumers are sophisticated, and their expectations are high. If your shipping isn’t a major competitive advantage, the rest won’t matter. 

For online brands, shipping represents the sole physical connection to the consumer. Not only are these final milestones critical to the entire experience, they also play an important role in the all-important consumer review. Shipping requires the same attention as marketing and product strategy. “It represents 18-25% of overall costs,” says Carroll, “and that’s if you’re doing it well.” Service levels, return options, flexible and fast insurance provisions and choice of carrier are all important variables in cart conversion.

The new Freight Club integration allows Shopify Stores to deliver complete transparency while maintaining competitive pricing and control over the entire customer experience, thereby removing the uncertainty and doubt that often impact conversion.

About Freight Club
Freight Club is a marketplace logistics platform that offers manufacturers and retailers an easy way to ship freight at highly competitive pricing. Launched in 2015, Freight Club is a 5-star B2B freight service trusted by hundreds of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and other businesses shipping freight in the US, Canada and US-Canada cross-border. Freight Club is an independently managed subsidiary of global tech company Cymax Group.

About Cymax Group
Cymax Group is an e-commerce technology leader focused on building a better end-to-end experience for ecommerce companies and their clients. The Cymax Group of brands offers unparalleled knowledge of the complete e-commerce experience gained through 15 years of building platforms that connect manufacturers, retailers and consumers

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