County inventory value nearly $22 million | Local News

County inventory value nearly $22 million | Local News

YORK – The inventory of all the tangible property owned by the county adds up to just under $22 million.

The list of properties and their values were presented to the county commissioners this week, as is done on an annual basis.

According to the break-down, submitted by the county clerk’s office, the total value of the property inside the courthouse is valued at $2,049,723.93. The majority of that property is owned by the sheriff’s department, which is valued at $1,067,689.50.

The courthouse itself and the grounds around it are valued at nearly $9.5 million.

The value of property (motor graders, vehicles, equipment and supplies) owned by the road and bridge department is $7,798,778.82. There are numerous buildings and shops, as well as tools and supplies, utilized by the roads department at its headquarters on the northern edge of York, valued at about $397,000.

The county’s motorgraders are valued at $3 million and there are more than $1 million worth of excavators and loaders.

The patrol sheds, which are located in the different communities in the county, are valued at $282,400.

The clerk’s office also provides an estimated value of the records that are held in several courthouse vaults. She says that it is “not unreasonable to assume that the cost of reconstructing these records and replacing the books, if destroyed, would exceed $200,000.”

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