Council votes to purchase new police car | News

Council votes to purchase new police car | News


The Cascade City Council voted to purchase a new Ford Explorer police interceptor from Herb Green Ford with matching colors as the existing police car.

While the idea of purchasing a truck was floated, it was decided that it would not be a good investment of city money, as it’s main uses would be for carrying bicycles and dead animals.

The matching colors and design of the new interceptor are intended to ensure that it is unknown who is on duty.

The Council has voted to move forward with asphalting the public parking lot on the corner of Buchanan Street SW and Second Avenue SW. The idea was first discussed in 2019 but is now seeing more activity since the city wants more places for people to park to patronize the many new downtown businesses.

The Council tabled a decision regarding a stormwater intake grate for Garfield Street SW until more specific engineering information can be provided for them.

Since the street was redone in 2019, more stormwater has flowed down it to First Avenue, causing problems the Council hopes a new grating will fix.

• The levee project is scheduled to have surveyors on site this week, with mobilization beginning the second or third week of March. This project will install riprap to counteract and repair erosion of the levee from the floods of fall 2018 and spring 2019.

• Lyons Service Center was approved for the Façade Renovation Reimbursement after proving that only the front of the building will be funded by the city program.


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