Costume Shop Treats Community With Halloween Inspired Inventory Sale

Costume Shop Treats Community With Halloween Inspired Inventory Sale


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – While other shops are preparing for one of the highest consumer spending seasons, this shop Is ready to give the locals of Mesa County a real treat.

The Colorado Mesa University Costume Shop and the Mesa Thespian Society have teamed up for their annual costume sale.

“Bits and pieces from shows, as well as just basic pieces of vintage dresses, wonderful shoes, crazy wigs, hats, a little bit of everything”, said Theater Arts Assistant Professor Jill Van Brussel. The costumes were originally used for theater department purposes. Assistant Professor Van Brussel said,  the goal Is to recycle and reuse.

“Those things never have another life on stage again, so Its really exciting to push them back out Into the world and give them another life”, said Van Brussel. The sale comes just In time to get inspired for your Halloween costumes and Its all available for bargain prices.

“We will probably have everything from a dollar, up to maybe $20 to $25 for some of our more special Items, but a lot of stuff Is going to be In that $5 to $10 range, so there Is really something for every ones budget”, said Van Brussel.

The CMU costume sale will be held In the lobby of the Moss Performing Arts Center, In front of the Robinson Theater. The sale will take place on Wednesday and Thursday October 17th and 18th, from 9am to 3pm

“You may find something on these racks that you would think or take the time and money to build yourself or buy, so I think Its a great opportunity for things you might not find elsewhere.”


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