Copper Inventory across Major Chinese Markets Added 3,100 mt from Monday_SMM

Copper Inventory across Major Chinese Markets Added 3,100 mt from Monday_SMM


SHANGHAI, Jun 2 (SMM) – As of Thursday June 2, SMM copper inventory across major Chinese markets increased by 3,100 mt from Monday to 110,400 mt, up by 2,800 mt from last Friday. The increase in inventory was contributed by the production resumption of smelters, the increase in imported copper and the poor restocking demand before the Dragon Boat Festival. Compared with Monday’s data, the inventories in most regions of China increased, while the inventory in Chengdu decreased slightly. The total inventory dropped by 206,800 mt compared with the same period last year when the inventory was recorded at 317,200 mt. This week, the supply increased. On one hand, copper cathode continued to flow into Shanghai and Guangdong markets. On the other hand, smelters in Shandong and west Inner Mongolia resumed production and began to offer goods. As for the consumption, according to some copper rod factories, orders in late May decreased, and the in-plant inventory of copper rods rose. Therefore, they would like to have two or three days’ holidays during the Dragon Boat Festival, so the restocking demand was weakened.

In detail, the inventory in Shanghai increased by 500 mt to 87,900 mt, the inventory in Guangdong rose by 2,600 mt to 14,700 mt, the inventory in Tianjin added by 100 mt to 400 mt, and the inventory in Chengdu dipped by 100 mt to 1,000 mt.

Looking forward, the domestic supply may increase after the Dragon Boat Festival, while the arrival of imported copper will not rise sharply. The consumption after the holiday is of utmost concern. If the consumption cannot improve, the inventory will continue to increase.


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