Canada govt facing capacity issues after donating weapons to Ukraine

Canada govt facing capacity issues after donating weapons to Ukraine

Weeks after announcing that they would arm the west-backed Ukrainian regime, the Canadian government on Friday claimed that they have exhausted all inventory from the Canadian Armed Forces and are currently facing capacity issues after sending equipment to Ukraine.

Speaking to the media, Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand revealed that the Trudeau government had depleted its weapons stocks in its hurry to assist Ukraine.

“We have exhausted inventory from the Canadian Armed Forces,” said Defence Minister Anita Anand, adding that there are capacity issues.

As clashes between Russia and Ukraine erupted, the Justin Trudeau-led Canadian government had pledged the country’s support for the Ukraine regime. In the past few weeks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Justin Trudeau have met several times and the two leaders had discussed possible military cooperation to take on the Russian forces.  

Earlier this month, the Canadian government had said that they would “leave no stone unturned” while announcing that they would be sending military equipment to assist Ukraine. So far, Canada has dispatched 4,500 M72 rocket launchers and 7,500 hand grenades, 100 Carl-Gustaf M2 anti-tank launchers with 2,000 rounds.

In addition, the Canadian government has also dispatched two C-130J tactical aircraft, $25 million worth of helmets, body armour, gas masks, cameras, drones, mountains of field rations, and rare night vision gear.

The Ukrainian regime wanted more and had specifically requested anti-air weapons, but the Trudeau-led government is not inclined to provide sophisticated weaponry to Ukraine.

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