Cadillac Footliters Plan to Purchase Historic Cadillac 4


On Wednesday, the Cadillac Footliters announced their plan to buy the Cadillac 4.

The theater announced last week that they will be closing their doors permanently. It comes after they filed for bankruptcy in February and the overall hit from closing due to the coronavirus.

Wedesday, the Cadillac Footliters announced they plan to buy the building and continue to provide movies in downtown, while adding a live theater, music and event space for the community.

The Footliters say after losing their home theater 30 years ago to a fire, they believe this may be their new permanent home.

Joseph Baumann, president of the Cadillac Footliters, says, “To me an opportunity like that where a stage exists in a place like that, with the sounds equipment and the seating already there it was just too perfect to just pass up talking about or thinking about and getting to today.”

Baumann says they’re still in the beginning stages of buying the historical building, which could take some time as Goodrich Quality Theaters finalizes the bankruptcy.


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