Best Buy Switch OLED restock sold out — where to find inventory next

Best Buy Switch OLED restock sold out — where to find inventory next


Update: Best Buy is now sold out of Switch OLED restock. Make sure to follow our Switch OLED restock guide for news of the next drop. Also, follow our Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals hub for sales on accessories and games. 

Best Buy now has Switch OLED restock. You can get the Nintendo Switch OLED in stock for $349 via this link. 

The Nintendo Switch OLED is rarely on sale so we strongly advise that you jump on this opportunity right away if you want one of the hottest holiday gifts in time for Christmas. (You can check stock of all Switch consoles at Best Buy via this link). 

Switch OLED restock (sold out)

As you’ll see in our Nintendo Switch OLED review, this console is a winner. It offers a colorful 7-inch OLED display that really brings the best Switch games to life. Plus, you get improved audio through better stereo speakers.

Other highlights of the Switch OLED include a wired Ethernet port for higher-speed online gaming and a sturdier kickstand for propping up this console when you just want to kick back and play some Mario Kart.  

The Switch OLED comes with 64GB of internal storage, so you should have plenty for room for your favorite games. The Nvidia Tegra X1 chip is unchanged from previous versions, so you don’t get 4K gaming, but overall we were pleased with the performance of this console in our testing. 

Nintendo rates the battery life of the Switch OLED for 4.5 to 9 hours, as it will vary based on the type of gaming you’re playing. But we appreciated the endurance this console offers in our own Switch OLED battery testing. 

Just to be clear, this is not a deal, it’s just that the Nintendo Switch OLED is so tough to come by that when it comes back in stock it is a big deal. So we would pull the trigger quickly on this one. If you do miss out, check out our Nintendo Switch OLED restock guide and stay tuned to our Black Friday deals page for savings throughout the season. 

Nintendo Switch OLED tracker — stores to check


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