Anonymous donor purchases signs recognizing each Milton High School graduate

Anonymous donor purchases signs recognizing each Milton High School graduate

Milton Senior Signs

MILTON, Wis. – Each graduating senior in the class of 2020 at Milton High School now has a sign recognizing their accomplishments, thanks to an anonymous donation from a community member.

District employee Amy Kenyon says the district was already hoping to do something to recognize seniors prior to the donation.

“The group was talking about doing something special for the seniors,” Kenyon said. “Just trying to figure out what they could do to recognize them. We had seen some posts from other districts that were looking at signs and doing signs, so we came up with the idea for this sign.”

Kenyon says the donation allowed for each of the 250+ seniors to get a sign for free, which the class of 2020 picked up Friday afternoon.

“The entire community has really come together to make this work,” said Superintendent Richard Dahman.

Dahman says while he understands graduates didn’t have virtual school in mind when they had envisioned their senior year, he’s proud of how the class of 2020 has handled the adversity.

Seniors like Cole Witt, who plans to attend UW-Madison in the fall, say they’ve been missing their teachers.

“Certain classes it was like the interaction with my friends and my teacher that got me through it,” Witt said. “I didn’t realize how tough it is to sit through a physics lecture without people around you.”

Others, like Parker Wilkinson, say graduating in the age of Coronavirus has taught them to appreciate the little things.

“I’ve learned to not take things for granted,” said Wilkinson, who will attend UW-Lacrosse in the fall. “I used to think, ‘Oh my gosh, I want o leave I want to graduate so bad.’  Now I realized I like school a lot.”

Witt and Wilkinson say they’re grateful to have a sign to honor their work.

“When they  came out with the signs, I felt really appreciated,” Wilkinson said. “Because it felt like the community cared about us and they were behind us.”

Dahman says the district has plans to hold a virtual graduation ceremony in the coming months, but is hopeful to hold an in-person celebration if restrictions are lifted by the end of the summer.



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