3 Best Procurement Certifications that are most valuable

3 Best Procurement Certifications that are most valuable

Procurement is the process of buying goods or services that an organization requires in order to manufacture a particular product or supply a service. It is one of the important areas within Supply Chain Management since it helps to streamline operations, reduce prices and costs of raw materials, and to find better sources of supply. Procurement is considered as a strategic function that aims to improve the profitability of any organization.

3 Best Procurement Certifications that are most valuable
3 Best Procurement Certifications that are most valuable

The various roles available within Procurement in terms of jobs are Purchase Officer, Procurement Executive, Procurement Manager, Purchasing Manager, Strategic Sourcing Consultant, Senior Buyers, Head of Procurement, Chief Procurement Officers etc.

Whether you are a senior or a junior procurement professional or a graduate seeking to start a career in supply chain, a certification is extremely crucial.

Top 3 Procurement Certifications

This is because Certifications validate your skills and knowledge in specific areas and provide you with an edge over others during the employment process. It is all the more important to gain procurement credentials that are globally recognized and impresses the recruiters.

Let us take a look at the 3 best procurement certifications that are most valuable and highly respected by the procurement community the world over.

  1. Certified Procurement Professional (CPP) offered by the International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR)
  2. Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations from Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS)
  3. Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) from American Purchasing Society.
3 Best Procurement Certifications that are most valuable
3 Best Procurement Certifications that are most valuable

1. Certified Procurement Professional (CPP)

Certified Procurement Professional (CPP) is the most sought-after Certification within the procurement field due to its preference by recruiters. What makes CPP unique is the fact that training is provided by Ex-employees from Apple, IBM, Walmart, Procter & Gamble, US Government, who bring in real-life scenarios and challenges at a micro-level which amplifies the learning value.

The core focus of CPP is Strategic Sourcing by means of Procurement Intelligence wherein more emphasis is provided on the usage of research techniques to identify the best practices to achieve cost savings across different category of products and services.

Certified Procurement Professional (CPP). IIPMR CPP Certification.

Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, IBM, Pfizer, Merck, L’Oréal, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Ford, General Motors, United Nations, World Bank, US Army, Government of Canada, UK Government are some of the organizations from where senior procurement leaders have completed CPP, thereby making it as one of the widely accepted Certifications in the job market.

CertificationNumber of ModulesDurationCourse FeeExam FeeMembership FeeValidity of Credential
Certified Procurement Professional (CPP)2273 to 5 Months Online$700 including TaxFreeFree upon enrollmentLife time valid

Apart from teaching core supply chain, procurement and logistics, CPP is the only Certification that offers 35 case studies, exercise sheets and practical knowledge of using top Procurement Software such as Easibuy, Precoro and SAP Ariba.  This makes it an excellent one time Return on Investment (ROI) since the CPP designation is valid for life time and there is no separate membership fee or renewal fee.

2.Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations is a level 2 program offered by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) that comprises of 5 core modules namely Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Procurement & Supply Operations, Stakeholder Relationships, Systems Technology and Inventory, Logistics & Expediting.

CIPS Level 2 Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

Whether it is technical knowledge for a low level administrative role or for a high level strategic sourcing role, the level 2 certificate from CIPS prepares you at different stages of procurement career.

CertificationNumber of ModulesDurationCourse FeeExam FeeMembership FeeValidity of Credential
Certificate in Procurement & Supply Operations56 to 8 Months Online$1762 +VAT$96$254 per year3 years

The Level 2 Certificate is one of the highly respected credentials and is typically done by employees from top companies such as AstraZeneca, Unilever, BHP, Rio Tinto, GlaxoSmithKline, Reckitt Benckiser, Shell, British Petroleum etc

Although CIPS is internationally recognized, the renewal for the Certificate has to be done every 3 years in order to continue use of the Level 2 Certificate accreditation.

3. Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP)

In today’s scenario, organizations acknowledge the increasing difficulty and high demands of procurement and supply chain operations. They need assurance that their procurement managers are properly educated, reliable, and committed to their careers

No doubt that only experts can do the job in a professional way and the American Purchasing Society fills this need of such experts by offering the Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) program that is tailored to meet the Industry’s expectation of trained manpower.

Unlike IIPMR and CIPS that offer Online Certifications, American Purchasing Society offers a 3-week class-room training only.  The Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) is instructor led with study guide followed by a final exam. The training is offered only at select centres or though channel partners in different Countries.

CertificationNumber of ModulesDurationCourse FeeExam FeeMembership FeeValidity of Credential
Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP)153 weeks$1215 including Tax$80$258 one time fee5 years

The 3-week sessions consists of training on General purchasing, Negotiating, Accounting, Quality, Logistics, Inventory management, Forms, Policies and procedures, Drafting, Cost price, Certification, Terms & conditions, Business Ethics for Buyers & Sellers, Essential Law for Buyers & Sellers and Math for Purchasing & Business.

The Application to enroll for Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) is quite a cumbersome process since the Society asks these following references at the time of submission:

  1. Personal Friends (Should be non-business. Minimum 3 references are required)
  2. Fellow workers (Need to submit list of references of 3 or more fellow workers)
  3. Suppliers (Need to submit references of 5 or 6 suppliers that you have business relationship with)

The references should be accompanied by your latest Resume and Diploma/Degree Certificates along with its transcript if any.