Prince Andrew: Where is Prince Andrew spending Christmas? | Royal | News

Prince Andrew: Where is Prince Andrew spending Christmas? | Royal | News


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Prince Andrew stepped down from his royal duties in 2019 and has since spent little time in public. His few public appearances include snaps of him in cars, as he becomes increasingly distanced from the Firm’s activities. The public nature of many royals’ private lives means the Prince rarely debuts with them for family gatherings, leaving many people questioning what he is doing for Christmas.


Where is Prince Andrew spending Christmas?

The Covid pandemic has disturbed family Christmas plans across the UK – and the royals are no exception.

The Queen announced she would spend a “quiet” Christmas at Windsor with Prince Philip and the HMS Bubble, and Prince William has spoken out about difficulties in establishing plans of his own.

Prince Andrew, however, has not released any Christmas plans this year.

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Prince Andrew Christmas Sarah Ferguson Royal Lodge Windsor evg

Prince Andrew: Where is Prince Andrew spending Christmas? Is Sarah Ferguson with him? (Image: GETTY)

Prince Andrew: Royal Family

Prince Andrew: Prince Andrew was absent from the 11am service last year (Image: GETTY)

He has made no habit of announcing activities since he stepped down, leaving people to see whether he steps out with the other royals on the day.

Last year he made a brief appearance as he travelled to St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham for the royal’s Christmas service.

But he made the journey separated from the rest of his family, who arrived together.

Only Prince Charles walked the path to the church with him at 9am on Christmas Day.

Prince Andrew: Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson timeline

Prince Andrew: Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson through the years (Image: EXPRESS)

Andrew did not appear for the staple walk to the 11am service with the other royals, allegedly choosing to stay with Prince Philip instead.

In 2020 people won’t get the opportunity to see whether he joins them, as due to the pandemic, they have stayed at their separate residences.

Prince Andrew will likely do the same, remaining at Royal Lodge in Windsor, currently under Tier 4 restrictions.

He cannot travel to stay with the Queen or step into another tiered region.

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Prince Andrew: Royal Lodge

Prince Andrew: Royal Lodge in Windsor (Image: GETTY)

Is Prince Andrew with Sarah Ferguson?

Prince Andrew and Sara, Duchess of York, separated nearly 25 years ago in 1996.

Neither royal has remarried, and they still share the Royal Lodge.

Taking to Twitter this morning, Sarah Ferguson announced she would release a YouTube video telling the story of the Nativity, continuing a tradition of recording from the residence.

One or both of the couple’s daughters have joined them during there this year.

Both Princess Beatrice and Eugenie have made appearances in their mother’s videos since the pandemic began.

But neither has announced whether they have opted to stay at their parents’ home.

While they could be there right now, they will need to have journeyed to the residence before last weekend, when the new Covid measures came into place.


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